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Family Therapy

“We may have our differences, but nothing’s more important than family.” 

                                             – Coco

Family Can Be Our Greatest Joy, Our Greatest Challenge

Family life can be very complicated. Sometimes things happen outside of our control that impact our families, sometimes we just feel like we don't have the skills to get ourselves out of unhealthy patterns. Family therapy can help navigate a myriad of challenges that today's families face, leading to greater happiness and contentment. There's nothing like family.

Family therapy can provide help with:

  • Families that have family members struggling with mental health or addictions 

  • Navigating changes in families such as divorce, remarriage and family blending

  • Healing from traumatic events such as death, accidents, loss of home, abuse

  • Coping with estrangement of family members

  • Finding parenting solutions to behavioral problems with children

  • Learning communication skills, sharing emotions, listening, setting boundaries

  • Lessening the impact of divorce on children with healthy co-parenting

  • and much more...


Adoption Therapy

All children deserve a loving family and the best opportunities available to them. As a mother who has adopted two children and is an adoptee herself, Christine understands the sensitivities and complexities that go hand in hand with adoption. She specializes in the full spectrum of adoption related issues. Children who are adopted at an older age through foster care and those adopted from overseas orphanages are at high risk of having behavioral problems and experiencing emotional distress.


Christine is here to help you every step of the way through the adoption process, and will be there after the placement to help support birth parents, adoptees and their families. You are not alone.

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